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New. The words and picture shapes can splash from left to right, open upwards or downwards, slide in and fulfil a range of fancy styles. Over 20 options so you can get your information just right. Sizes can vary the height of the characters and length of the board message. Please see the size table.
Our LED Signs are sold all over Australia direct to user. Please note, for custom sizes and special orders, we will need a few extra days to manufacture the lamps and assemble the modules. For corporate larger orders please send in CAD drawings and any special lamp requirements you have. Buy direct from our Australia Company Warehouse
Makes information display easy. Use the handy remote control to update your sign. Easy!
Popular 3D Signage, Magnetic and Plastic letters:
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New model Standard and Custom sizes are now available


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LED dot matrix (7*8 Pixels)


Indoor   Software Px   Table: October 2018
Cabinet Size Price Resolution Colors Text Lines Letter Height
Single Color              
660 x 100 mm $318 7*80 R     1 x 13 Characters 51 mm
770 x 100 mm $360 7*96 R     1 x 16 Characters 51 mm
965 x 100 mm $400 7*120 R     1 x 20 Characters 51 mm
1005 x 142 mm $737.21 16*128 R     2 x 21 Characters 51 / 100 mm
1245 x 142 mm $866 16*160 R     2 x 27 Characters 51 / 100 mm
1972 x 142 mm $1151 16*256 R     2 x 42 Characters 51 / 100 mm
On Special              
660 x 100 mm SALE $318 7*80 R G a 1 x 13 Characters 51 mm
On Special              
776 x 100 mm SALE $360 7*95 R G a 1 x 16 Characters 51 mm
On Special              
965 x 100 mm SALE $400 7*120 R G a 1 x 20 Characters 51 mm
1005 x 142 mm $737.21 16*128 R G a 2 x 21 Characters 51 / 100 mm
1245 x 142 mm $866 16*160 R G a 2 x 27 Characters 51 / 100 mm
1972 x 142 mm $1151 16*256 R G a 2 x 42 Characters 51 / 100 mm
  • Standard Australia Power Plug Point 240 voltStandard 240 Volt Plug - 3pin Australia
  • Remote control handset
  • Able to show text and graphics and animation
  • 20 sequences to show blink, flash, scroll etc
  • Fonts include Sans Serif, decorative, upper / lower, wide and double width lettering
  • Built in Clock, Brightness sensor.

    The new led sign has all you need to start the sign illumination and programming scrolling




Red Green and Amber LED Scrolling Sign


Light Letters that move along the board look great and are easy to read.

We have a range of standard and custom shaped board sizes.


RED ONLY = Red letters (R)

GREEN ONLY = Green Letters (G)

Red PLUS Green = Red and Green and Amber Letters (RGa)

*Note: The mix of Red lamp and Green lamp gives you AMBER


All our boards are standard RGa as one low price.


There are 3 types of LED digital display boards you can buy.


  • Indoor LED - Indoor is designed with a suitable brightness and does not have any special weatherproofing qualities. It can also have a higher resolution for closer viewing.
  • Semi Outdoor LED - Semi outdoor LED is a higher graded pixel and includes weatherproofing such as moisture release, dust and cabinet design. It must be used under covered situations. Semi Outdoor LED is made for reading outdside, but the cabinet nor pixel PC board is waterproof.
  • Outdoor LED - Outdoor LED is protected by a visor system, encasing of each pixel and uses a waterproof sealant to surround the componentry. Outdoor LED signs are brighter and generally have a different pixel resolution to assist full exposure to sunlight positions.



This page, shows a brief range of products we can manufacture for our clients.

Please call for a more specific range or customized solution for your scrolling digital signage board machines.



Indoor Scrolling LED sign


The height of the pixel board alters the finished led letter height. The images shown here demonstrate the cabinet size and approximate letter led height.


Also, Where it is mentioned that a sign has 1 led line height, it can only show 1 single line. Where it mentions 2-4 lines, this can also mean you get one really large letter (4x1) or four individual lines (1x1x4).


Multi line Indoor scrolling LED sign


Custom made for building signs. This sign shown here is 5 metres long and can be full outdoor. Ideal for displaying a mulitude of signs. We make this project by project for our large road sign customers.


Two line Indoor message board Australia


LED letters and scrolling digital message board signs come in a range of colors. R = red, G= Green, A= Amber Yellow.


We give all our customers R+G as standard.


Because we give you R+G, it also makes a YELLOW possible without the cost an extra lamp.


If you want a pure AMBER please let us know as we now can custom make to size and customer order.


Large Indoor Scrolling LED display system


This popular sized inside moving sign words are great for making people pay attention to your messages. Programming can be via remote control. Anti tamper devices included.


Semi Outdoor Scrolling L E D sign


This LED sign moving word panel is made for semi outdoor and can display scrolling text along the path. One line can remain still while the other moves. Programming is easy with Remote Control.


LED signs Australian supplier


This long building moving word sign (6m long) is single line and is perfect for sliding words along the outside of your building above the door height. The letters are large and easy to read. Programming is very easy and you can also update messages via remote control.


Large range of Indoor electronic ticker tape signs


This popular LED moving word sign is a great width for waiting rooms and places (lobbies etc) where a distance of many words helps your people understand what to do. This is a very common size and seen at many railway stations and inside foyers etc of large corporate buildings. Signs can be made to suit your architect designs.


Special price on custom and standard Indoor LED signs



Do you have a time table or want some messages to move and other to remain still. This range of four liner signage digital moving words makes communication easy with your people. The extra height gives lots of information easily.
We can also build up bank after bank and link the signs together for you so that a full display wall can be created. The special remote we include with your digital signs makes this easy and is part of what sets up apart.



Tricolor Indoor Scrolling LED sign



We have many more sizes, please call and tell us your optimum size.





These products are available Australia Wide.

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